Different Concrete Finishes

With the continuous advancements in the concrete industry you no longer have settle for the few choices of the past.  Your typical smooth hard trowel or broom finish has its purposes, but now you have so many more options available.

Hard Trowel is usually the finish of choice when it comes to easy to clean applications such as garage or basement floors.  It is created by finishing the concrete with a trowel leaving it smooth.  
Broom finish is typical of outdoor applications including sidewalks, driveways, patios and especially pool decks.  It has been made the industry standard for non slip surfaces.  This finish is applied by brushing the concrete surface with a broom just before the concrete hardens.  
swirl pattern is created by smearing the surface of the concrete in a uniform overlapping circular pattern.  Some people say when finished the pattern resembles petals on a rose.  Many customers who choose this finish desire more than just a standard broom finish  
Stamped concrete finishes are achieved by adding texture to the surface to imitate stone, brick, pavers, slate, wood planks and more. Stamped concrete is more durable, quicker to install and more cost effective than using traditional products, such as stone, brick, or brick pavers.
The customizations of patterns are only limited by the imagination.
Exposed Aggregate finish gives the concrete a natural stone look, as well as a non-slip surface. The different sizes and types of stone used in the concrete mix are what give the concrete its beautiful and natural appearance. Commonly used are Pea Stone, Float Stone and Natural Round Stone however color and size variations seem to be endless.